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Web Development

Get an interactive and dynamic website for your startup at a low price in the market with the best quality.

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Data Science

Learn how to build ML models using classification and regression techniques like fraud classification,text classification

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Let us Lead fellowship

Interpersonal skills, Communication skills,Career counseling,Public Speaking, Time management, and Personal Branding.

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Resume Building Workshop

Guidance to create strong resume and understand the correlation between LinkedIn and Resumes

Roadmap to become Financial Independent

Tips and ideas to reach our financial goals and adjust our spending

Past Live Sessions

Python Project Workshop

Work on a python project and get hands on experience

Roadmap to Data Science

A roadmap to data science live projects and also a guide to beginner projects

Popular Events

Getting Internship at Microsoft

A roadmap to Microsoft internship process and how anyone can get this internship

Become Freelancer as a Student

How anyone can become a freelancer and this will give insight into freelancing as a student

MBA as Career Choice

This gives insight about CAT exam preparation in college.



Rakesh Raushan

Founder of Tech Table & Let us Lead
Soft skills and Leadership


Sai Shruthi Swaminathan

Technical Lead and Data Scientist at IBM
Data Science mentor


Harsh Goel

Software Developer and Technical Lead
Web development mentor

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